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Welcome to Dazzle Dog Delight!


About Joy Randel
Dazzle Dog Delight, a posh puppy boutique, was born out of love and necessity. For decades, Dazzle Dog Delight CEO Joy Randel worked as an IT manager for numerous companies managing large web development projects.

At home, the family dog always had a starring role. First it was her black Labrador Kincaid and now her Greyhound-Labrador mix, Rocket.

Joy found time with her family and dog more rewarding than her job and when the economy turned sour and layoffs were abundant, she quietly thought “hmmm, maybe getting laid-off wouldn’t be so bad.”

Soon she found out for real when her cost-cutting arrived in a memo. And as she exited corporate America, Joy decided to jump out of the revolving door.

She combined her passion for dogs and owning a puppy boutique with her IT knowledge and created Dazzle Dog Delight. The hours are long and there’s not nearly as much support staff, but the employees and customers always wag their tails – a reward rarely found in her old jobs.

Joy and her old pal Kincaid spent six years volunteering for Therapy Pets, visiting the elderly in nursing homes. Joy found Kincaid after he flunked out of seeing-eye-dog school, but he sure did make for a fantastic, loyal friend for eleven years.

Now Rocket is the new family pet and you can read all about him in his entry below.

Rocket – My Story

Hi, I’m Rocket DazzleDogDelight’s official mascot. Joy wanted me to tell you about myself. (I’m hungry).

My parents were the talk of the town because they were a mixed couple. Mom, an agile, graceful Greyhound and dad an athletic Labrador. Quite a dynamic combination. That’s probably why my two favorite things to do are running and eating.

My favorite food is sweet potatoes. Crazy for a dog, I know. But my owners are vegetarians so I fit right in. I’m about one and a half years old and still going through training. (Love the treats!) I still have to work at not chasing joggers and bikers. (sigh).

The best part of the day is when I get to run around at the dog park at the Point Isabel Regional Shore Line. They tell me it’s the country’s largest public off-leash dog park. All I know is that there’s lots of room to sprint and some really great smells. And then when I get home, I get to eat.

Hope you buy designer dog supplies from DazzleDogDelight.com because the better my owner does, the more treats I get. And of course, my orphaned buddies over at the East Bay SPCA also get a boost from every sale.

Gotta go. Time to eat.

PS: Write to me at: rocket@dazzledogdelight.com

If you want to reach my owners at their dog store, try here:
Dazzle Dog Delight
Suite 122
4100-10 Redwood Road
Oakland, CA 94619


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Joy Randel explains why Dazzle Dog Delight gives 5% of its profits to the East Bay SPCA.

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Our Story